Senator Rob Ortt is seeking to introduce legislation that will effectively repeal the senseless portions of the NY UN-SAFE Act for upstate/western New York and has a petition that needs to be signed by everyone who is pro-2A.

The legislation he is pushing for is (from his petition page):

  • Repeal the five-year recertification requirement for pistol permits;
  • Fully repeal the ammunition database;
  • Repeal the federal background checks for private guns sales known as the License and Record Database that has not yet been implemented; and
  • Authorize the transfer of firearms, rifles, and shotguns to family members as part of an estate.

Show your support in allowing Upstate to have its own regulations that best fit our needs by signing this petition to repeal the SAFE Act in Upstate New York.

Together, we can show New York progressives that not only do we respect our right to bear arms, we demand it.

The direct link to the petition is at All New York residents can fill it out. Please go and sign it today! Please share this!

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