Twin City Club Rules Reminder

To all Twin City members:

Lately, we have seen a disregard for the rules of the club. As such, this will be a reminder for you. All members are required to obey these rules, both for their safety and the safety of other shooters. There also has been a lot of damage to the range which will not be tolerated.

There will be NO shooting of high velocity or magnum ammunition. This includes .22 magnum and .17 caliber rounds. We also have evidence of .44 magnum and .357 magnum rounds being fired. We will not tolerate this. If you or your guest is found to be using these rounds, your membership will be immediately terminated and you will be permanently banned from our facility.

Metal jacketed or semijacketed hollow points are not allowed at any time. The backstop is being damaged by these rounds. Continued use will result in the closing of the range for repairs. This will affect all members, the innocent as well as the guilty. If you see someone else using these rounds, call an officer so we can deal with the problem.

Also, shotguns or Judge revolvers firing shot shells are banned.

If you are unsure about the compliance of other types of ammunition or calibers, ASK US so we can evaluate and make a determination.

There also is damage to the ceiling baffles and side walls. If you are unable to hit the backstop, STOP SHOOTING and call an officer. We will help you. If you choose to continue shooting, you will be held accountable.

The 25 foot target hangers on lanes 1 and 6 have been locked in the up position. This may help keep the rounds from impacting the wall, but as said above, if you are having trouble hitting the targets, call for assistance.

There are 2 buckets for used cases. The white bucket is for brass and nickel plated brass ONLY. The red bucket is for steel cases ONLY. This isn't rocket science, put your empty cases in the proper bucket.

Everyone knows the rules of the club. Every member has agreed to follow these rules. If you find the need to shoot banned rounds, kindly go elsewhere.